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Dishonest candidates 'have a higher chance of getting into office'', in The Independent, p.8 on 10 Dec 2019.

Are less trustworthy candidates more likely to make it through to elected office?, The Conversation, 12 Dec 2019. link to article

Trust in Politics, Institute for Policy Research (IPR) Blog, 9 Dec 2019, link to blog

Expert commentary in 'South Somerset Council: Battery bank generates cash for frontline services', BBC online on 3 July 2020. link to article

'Dishonest Candidates Win Elections, According To New Research', in The Independent, on 9 Oct 2020. link to article

'Dishonest Candidates Win Elections According To New Research', in Forbes on 13 Oct 2020. link to article


Political Economy: Theory meets Empirics

I am a co-organiser of the annual Workshop "Political Economy: Theory meets Empirics." The idea of the Workshop is to bring together leading international researchers who work in Political Economy to discuss the latest research in the field. One prime goal of the workshop is to foster the dialog between theorists and empirically working researchers with the aim of facilitating fruitful future research collaborations. Another goal is to discuss  recent political events and developments, thereby reaching out to a broader audience and policy makers.

I also co-organised the 2nd annual Workshop of the Political Economy UK Group (PolEconUK) in June 2018 in Bath.